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Dr. WARNA HETTIARACHCHI Addressing UNHRC General Assembly

Dr. WARNA HETTIARACHCHI Addressing UNHRC General Assembly



The US-sponsored resolution 30/1 was adopted on October 1st 2015 upon signing on behalf of Sri Lankan government by its former Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, as co-sponsor, WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE CABINET, nor the approval or authority of the Executive President of the country.

The Sri Lankan government Cabinet only ratified this resolution in parliament much later than former Foreign Minister has signed and date-marked the document. This raises serious concerns on the LEGAL VALIDITY of this resolution, as the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister had NO legal authority, capacity nor approval from the government to sign an internationally monumental, legally-binding document with serious ramifications towards its sovereignty, territorial integrity and control by malicious foreign elements.

He has acted ULTRA VIRES. Such “divide and rule” foreign-element interference had fueled a terrorist war in this country for over 34 years, that saw tens of thousands killed and a country devastated over its span. 

15 countries including China and Russia voted against this resolution at the UNHRC, referring that the Human Rights body cites a third party NGO document called Darusman report, which was NOT UN’s own investigative report.

UN’s own report on forensics video analysis on Channel-4 mockumentary “the Killing Fields” was found to be riddled with discrepancies and conflicts of interest.

Questions arise on the loose, doubtful, conflicting methods used to establish and approve such resolution, sponsored by the world’s most notorious Human Rights violator United States.

We urge Human Rights Council to investigate and reveal the legal validity of Resolution 30/1 on Sri Lanka, which has been signed by UNAUTHORIZED person from Sri Lanka!

Thank you, Mr. President.

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